Meet Shanda

Hey all! I'll start my introduction by telling you I am happily married to a man who is a complete stud. Together, we have three amazing and energetic boys. I always wanted girls, at least one, but God had other plans and I wouldn't trade my boys for one hundred of the most well behaved girls.

I have a loud laugh and my brother makes me laugh harder than anyone on this earth. I tend to laugh at really simple jokes and if the jokes are too complicated or I have to figure out the punchline, it's just not funny.

Let's talk food real quick ... I love carne asada tacos and watermelon with Chamoy and Tajin ... let's be real, I should be Mexican.

I am a pretty simple girl because I put my makeup on fast, carry a cross-body purse, and I don't even like to get as fancy as business casual when I dress.

A few of my favorite things are: spending time with my family, sleeping in on Saturday's, dancing for no apparent reason and getting my friends to dance too!

But most importantly, I believe studying God's Word is what separates knowing about God from truly knowing Him. I am forever His and He is forever mine!