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Hello and welcome to my first blog post. So why  a blog titled “Mirror Mirror”? I’ve been working out (doing crossfit) for 3 years now, and last year I entered a fitness challenge that focused on nutrition. I have a crossfit coach, so working out wasn’t a problem; it was the food I was eating. I wanted muscles and I wanted them badly. I hired a nutrition coach to help me meet my goals and along the way I have learned so many things about true health, but it won’t be what you think it is, and you’ll never find this information in the health magazines in the checkout line of your grocery store.

Before I head out the door every morning, I do something most Americans do: I look at myself in the mirror. I know. Typical! I make sure I like what I see before I start making breakfast for myself and my boys. The problem: I’m not always happy with my reflection. There’s always something to pick apart, right? I mean, if I could have less fat, more muscle, less wrinkles, and smoother skin, wouldn’t that just be great!?!? Can I get a witness?? I know someone is saying, “Amen, sister!” as you read this. But in all seriousness, we spend more time looking in the mirror that reflects the physical part of us and not enough time looking into the mirror that reflects the rest of us. What do I mean by that? Make yourself a protein shake, pull up a chair and keep reading.

Let me share a truth you may not have discovered yet: you have more than one mirror. And like me, you probably neglect to look into them.  How do I know this? I’m a bible believer and I believe the bible is the TRUTH. It is God’s word that cuts to the core of who we are and is a revealer of all secrets and holds the formula for a successful life on this earth, along with the path to an eternal life in heaven. With that being said, there is a verse in Proverbs 27:19 that says, “As water reflects the face, so the heart reflects the true man.” There’s a reflection of the heart (soul) and the mind (thoughts). If we only focus on what we see in the mirror we will never be happy, satisfied or content. I can work all day, everyday on the physical, but my quiet moments will reflect the true nature of who I am and if those things are not healthy, I will never be as healthy or happy as God intended for me to be.

I have come to the realization that the physical parallels the spiritual in so many ways. What does that mean? It means many of the things we see on the outside reflect what’s really going on on the inside. How do I know, you ask? Let me give you one example and then you’ll have to read the other blogs to learn more. If the heart reflects the man, a reflection of the heart is the tongue. Again, you will ask me how I know this. I just know (That was a test. Never believe a person who answers something with, “I just know”).  Jesus said in Matthew 5:18, “But the things that come out of the mouth come from the heart.” So the physical (words that are heard) come from the reflection of the heart (what’s not seen). Your heart is a mirror. God’s Word is a mirror. Your mind is a mirror. Don’t neglect to look at your reflection in those mirrors as well.

I hope that as you read this you will gain hope for a healthier you. Not just physical health, but mind and spirit health as well.  I will share with you my thoughts and experiences on nutrition of the mind, body and soul. I’ll be vulnerable and real. That is my pledge to you. If you have questions for me, you can leave them in the comments and I will answer them. I love the dumb questions too, because I ask them a lot. You may not always agree with what I have to say, but I can tell you that I will always speak truth. My only motivation is that we, together, can take a long hard look in the mirrors that reflect who we truly are and become healthier in mind, body and soul.


  • Loran Hugh Parker

    You definitely have a follower. But, you knew that already. Anytime you speak at church, I’m there if at all possible. What you have to say is always spot-on and relevant. I’m sure it will be so in your blog as well.
    I also had a blog for five years; from 2012 to 2017. It was for the purpose of getting some of my memoir stories in a more public venue. In that five years, I posted a total of 554 stories.
    My blog is no longer available, but I have records of the stories posted.
    I’ll be looking forward to reading the stories you post on your blog.
    PS: As you progress on your blog, you’ll discover that some people try to advertise their business on your dime. When that happens, feel free to ask me about a way to greatly reduce the number of freeloaders you attract.
    Loran Hugh Parker

    • Shanda Fulbright

      Hi Loran! Thank you so much for your encouragement and very uplifting words. I would love to sit down and chat with you. No doubt, you are a very talented writer. I will be in touch! Thank you again!

  • Anna

    I am so happy that this blog exist. I have been searching trying to find someone to put Word, God’s Word, health and spiritual connection in our everyday life. How everything connects in a full circle. I am so grateful that this appeared on my instagram!!!

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